USBC - Programs and Initiatives

In addition to numerous benefits, a USBC membership is an investment in bowling’s future, as it supports numerous programs and initiatives that ensure the sport’s continuous growth. These programs include:

  • USBC Youth: Making bowling cool for kids through tournaments, scholarships and leadership opportunities. 
  • USBC High School: The national resource for one of America's fastest-growing high school sports. 
  • USBC Collegiate: Creating bowling opportunities to enhance students’ academic, athletic and personal development. 
  • USBC Coaching: Providing quality training programs and instructional tools for the bowling community. 
  • USBC Team USA and Junior Team USA: Representing the United States in elite international competition. 
  • USBC Tournaments: More than a dozen national tournaments for youth, adults and seniors of all skill levels. 
  • USBC Playing Rules: Protecting the integrity of the sport through education and consistent, uniform decisions, interpretations and enforcement of the playing rules.
  • Equipment Specifications and Certification: Testing and research that enhance the sport’s credibility. 
  • SMART: The Scholarship Management & Account Reporting for Tenpins is designed to help organizations set up, manage and disburse youth bowling scholarships as well as help USBC Youth members locate and ensure scholarship dollars for their continuing education. 
  • Registered Volunteer Program: Ensuring the safety of youth bowlers by introducing background screening and rules of behavior for USBC Youth volunteers.