2017-2018  Tulsa Men Teams of the Year



    1. Must be member of Tulsa Area USBC.

    2. Average must be Tulsa Area USBC Yearbook Average.

    3. Must have minimum of 63 games for average to be considered.

    4. Traveling League bowlers may use Travel League average and do not have to bowl a second league.   All other bowlers must have qualifying averages from two houses.

    5. Total pins from both leagues will be combined and divided by number of games to determine average for Team of the Year.

    6.  If traveling league bowler has a higher average in another league bowler may use highest league combined with traveling league.

    7. If traveling league bowler has two averages from two houses that are higher than traveling league, may use combination of those two leagues for Team of theYear average.


    Trey Ford iii - Captain            232.81 Average
    Aaron Hearn                             230.06 Average
    David McCulley                        229.17 Average
    Earl Hearn                                 228.23 Average 
    Mark Ward                                227.738 Average



    A.J. Nowak - Captain            227.733 Average
    Jared Hoover                          226.48 Average
    Rodney Zweiacher                225.32 Average
    Royce Rusher                          225.02 Average
    Josh Eastom                            224.53 Average



    Sterling Hearn                       224.39 Average
    Eric Collier                              223.46 Average